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The Web Ranking Report is a daily update of your current position in the search engines for select search phrases and website pages. With Visionera you will see your current position/page and changes from the last report (e.g. up two positions, etc).

The Benefits of the Visionera Web Ranking Report are truely imeasurable:

No Changes to Your Existing Website:
You don't have to make any changes to your website to start receiving your Web Ranking Reports. No technical knowledge is necessary to setup and receive emails.

No Software to install
Your reports will be emailed to you in html or pdf format at your discretion and you don't have any software to install.

Historical reports are conveniently stored for you as a Visionera customer.
If you lose your reports and want to see previous reports Visionera will furnish the reports you are missing so you always have access to your web ranking data.

Tracking of multiple keywords, keyword phrases.
You can track as many website/web page/keyword/search engine combinations as you wish. This offers you ultimate flexibility in tracking the pages and keywords you wish.

Keyword placement reporting on specific web pages in the website and not just the home page.
You can track any page in your website, not just the home page.

Visibility by search engine of keyword ranking.
You see how your keywords are performing by Search Engine if you wish.

Daily, weekly and monthly progress reports available.
You can determine if you wish to see your report daily, weekly or monthly. You can also receive a daily, weekly and monthly report if you wish so you can see all three reports.

Easy to understand no nonsense reports
The Web Ranking Reports are easy to read and understand providing you valuable information so you can make important decisions about your web marketing strategy.

Ability to add keywords or update web pages as your needs change.
Once you start receiving information you will likely want to change keywords, pages etc to gather more or different information. Changes to existing reports are at no charge and you make changes anytime you wish.

To see a sample report click here for a screenshot.

We are convinced you only need to receive the reports free for a few weeks and you'll see the power of this information showing up in your inbox. We would like to offer you a complimentary free report for two weeks. To start receiving your free report simply fill out the fields below and give us 24 hours to setup your free account then start enjoying your free two week Web Ranking Report.

Start Receiving Your Free Report for Two Weeks Right Now

Enter the complete url (e.g. http://www.visionera.com/services.html) for the page you want to track.

Enter the Search Engine you wish to use to track your placement.

Enter the one, two or three word search phrase you wish to track.

Email where you wish to receive your free Web Ranking Report.

When you see how addicting it can be to see this information every day we think you'll agree you'll want to add more pages and keywords. Pricing is simply $5.00 per month per Report you wish to see.

A Report is any combination of keywords, search engine and webpage you want to review. Please contact Visionera to setup your Web Ranking Report at info@visionera.com. You can always phone us at (303) 725-1007 or through the chat feature on our hosting site. hosting.visionera.com.


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