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Visionera is always looking for the unique blend of talent that enables execution value for our clients. Please review the positions available below and respond if you feel you are a qualified candidate.

External Position: Sales Agent

Internal Position: Consultant
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Visionera is seeking a specific combination of character and talent that sets us apart from our competition. Individuals must have experience at each business layer and understand how to navigate through each to successfully complete the assignments of our clients. We are looking for a very special blend of technical savvy, business experience, process competency, conceptual strategic capacity all aligned with an execution based project management focus. We are looking for individuals with all of these skills/Experience.

Strategy Skills
Has tremendous conceptual capacity and understands the strategic planning process.

Management Skills
Has been a corporate manager and understands what it takes to implement strategy, motivate people through change and measure performance. Is adept at managing a diverse team, via directive, facilitative and consultative approaches.

Business Skills
Understands corporate business departmental functionality. Is knowledgeable in how finances flow throughout the business from customer to supplier, from employees to shareholders. Is experienced in business function and processes.

Business Process Skills
Is highly competent in re/engineering business process to achieve business results efficiently. Understands how to streamline processes and align them to corporate and departmental strategy. Has the ability to join business, people, information, financial and I.T. process flow into an optimized delivery that is efficient and scalable.

Technical Skills
Has technical background and has a tight grasp on I.T. and how it supports business process. Development lifecycle management experience is a must, and I.T. project staffing and execution is clearly understood.

Project Management
Expert project manager who can take a set of objectives, assemble the resources plan the work and work the plan. Has the discipline to guide and coach the teams through the many stages while maintaining clarity of the end result.
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