Company Background

Visionera's roots stem from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system implementation and business integration services. After many years of delivering mission critical projects for clients we developed the critical understanding of what makes initiatives successful. We understand the how questions.

A background in management consulting has also played a very valuable role in shaping our skill sets so we understand the why questions. By combining the management and business experience with the I.T. implementation experience we have created a unique resource profile that answers the who questions.

While the company is still new, the principals have deep experience managing complex strategic initiatives that integrate strategy with business and business with technology. Back to top.

Why we are Different

Visionera is focused on execution, delivery, and enablement. We pick up where typical management consulting firms leave off. We focus on execution. Many times a management or business consulting partner will leave you with a great recommendation and also the burden of implementing the recommendations.

Other consulting partners can deliver end-to-end solutions but at great costs. They must bring in a team that together, represents the skill set needed to execute your concepts. Those resources sit in on meetings and you pay them to communicate amongst themselves to sustain your strategy and vision.

Visionera brings the critical skills and experience together in one resource that can more easily navigate your large corporate organization. We can also drive tremendous value for the smaller organization where a large, high priced team would be overkill. Back to top.

We differentiate on:

- Price
- People
- Project Approach


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